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Saturday, October 11

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NMA Break-Out Session Goals

1.  Check In

     a. How can we connect what we heard today to our learning goals?

2. Discussion of Questions from First Meeting

     a. How will we fit this work into our PLC?

     b. Meeting students' needs at all levels

3. Next Time: Friday, October 17



Agenda for the Day

9:00 - Introductions / Writing Prompt ­­­(Steph)

9:15 - Introduce Paul

9:15-9:45- Overview of Connected Learning (Paul)

9:45-10:00 - Break

10:00-12:30 – Make Learning Experience and Debrief  (Paul)


1:00-1:45 – Panel from Book Club and CL Mooc Participants

1:45-2:45 - Break-out Session 

2:45-3:00 - Final Thoughts / Wrap-up





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